Names to Faces.

We work with billboard faces daily. 

Do we know the people behind those billboards?

Can you name these five gentlemen? 

In fifty years will anyone know who they are or their stories? 

Names left to right for Photo above 1959:  Francis Holm, Sidney Tobin, Joseph Radding, Norman Campbell, Jerome Norton.

Their stories are worth telling and lessons from OOH pioneers help future generations.

Faces of Outdoor is created to assist us know current billboard company owners. 

The website helps us pay tribute to those retired & those who have passed. Some faces have been added by submissions, some by web & other research. 

We welcome  biography contributions & correction of errors.  

Use the Nominate form so that we may add more great faces!  Thank you!

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Active Owners & Presidents of Outdoor Advertising Companies


OOH greats no longer active but whose wisdom we all are fortunate to have.

We appreciate our trade associations!